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There are dozens and dozens of authors online who want to sell you relationship & self-help advice ebooks for $39, $49, $99 or more.

Don't buy them. We're going to show you how to do what's in those ebooks for only $7 - and we're going to give this advice to you in simple, easy-to-read, approximately 30-page downloadable reports or full-length eBooks. No sense spending your hard-earned money to read pages and pages of useless and worthless stuff. We get right to the facts, tell you the methods, expound with tricks and techniques, and leave you with enough money left in your pocket to go buy yourself or your lover something nice!

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$5 Reports, eBooks, & Compilations

$7 Reports & eBooks

And the Frog Shit on the Princess (for women only!)

Exes are from Uranus (for men only!)

Why Women Dump Men: Find Out the Why You Were Dumped

The Big eBook of Breakup Poems I and The Big Book of Breakup Poems II

So, You Wanna Start a Band!

The Hand Job & Blow Job Report

How to Turn a Secret Crush into a Real Relationship and Make Him or Her Fall in Love with You!

Why Women Love Bastards & A Bastard's Guide to Dating (two full-length ebooks special $15 [$7.50 each])

The Cunnilingus Academy: 101 Lessons in the Art of Cunnilingus

Hello, Casanova! The Everyday Schmuck's Guide to Romance

Why Women Cheat: Find out the REAL reason why

$5 Same-sex Relationships

$7 (Same-sex Relationships
(Full-length eBooks)

The Big eBook of Gay and Lesbian Poetry

Female to Female: The Ultimate Guide to Lesbian Sex

How to Have a Successful Same-Sex Relationship

The Cunnilingus Academy: 101 Lessons in the Art of Cunnilingus

Man to Man: The Ultimate Guide to Gay Sex

The Gay Man's Guide to Getting Laid

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