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"I just want to let you know that this community has saved my sanity and my life. Thank you for making this available for people like me who have nowhere else to turn to and have exhausted our friends and family. They mean well but they just don't understand what we are going through. I've learned so many valuable lessons through your books and the wonderful people in this group. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" ~Alex
breakup girl

"Your information I recieved was life changing for me and I have read almost everything on your website. Thank you very much..." ~ Roger

"I can not express my gratitude enough - your site and what I have learned has been incredible helpful!!! I am more in love with this woman than I was when we broke up and she is now 100% in love with me. I am not trying to hang on to her, understanding that our love is now and strong. I am her man. Thank you!!! I will keep you site in my file, just in case, but I doubt I will need it! I learned more from it than I did in my first marriage of 8 years and my second of 20 years. I am a new man!!! It has not only changed my love life but my work and every other aspect of my live. I am truly grateful. God Bless You!"~ A Grateful Member

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It is so wonderful over there (Lifted Hearts Community). So many people so much support and it is really helping me feel better. It is so much better than being lonely and sad which is what I have been this week. I am in the beginning stages and I feel so alone and hopeless and it helps to hear that I am not alone. The others on the board have been helping me so much. There are so many people there posting that I find myself checking it a few times a day. Someone ALWAYS responds to my post and it is so comforting to know that there is support out there. Remember what that was like????" ~Jen

"I'm new to this site and stumbled across it when my girlfriend and I broke up five weeks ago. Just reading some of your posts has been really helpful in coping with my loss and it's comforting to know that so many of you out there are going through the same p

ain that I'm experiencing." ~DaveC

"Welcome to all that are new to this forum. You may not realize it yet, but by finding this site, you are already on your way to recovery." ~a member

"We all understand the pain and suffering that you are going through. We have all been there or we wouldn't be here. Everyone that is here is at a different stage of healing. Some are just beginning the long journey, and some have completely recovered and are here to offer support and guidance, and all that are somewhere in between." ~a member

"What you will find from this site: everyone here has been or is in your shoes, everyone is trying to help, offer encouragement, offer suggestions, tell of their experiences to help guide others from making the same mistakes, provide a shoulder to cry on." ~a member

"I am happy that I found this site yesterday. I know that I will visit it often as I need a place like this to go. I have learned so much from it already. Thanks for being here." ~a member

"This site can be a lifeline in a time of need. You will find people here that are in different stages of healing. we are all here for you, you need this board!" ~a member

"I found this site 3 months ago, it has been a god send." ~a member

"I was surfing the net in search of the answers that I was not able to get from him. That was the day that I joined this community. A true God send! I read and re-read the webBooks, I posted asking for advice, I received advice which I now understand why was the best possible advice that I could have received." ~Rising Up "There is such value in reading the stories that others post here." ~a member

"This site is a wonderful place and I appreciate you being there. I often may only have a couple of minutes to visit but I look to this group as a safe place to retreat and to say "I am scared", "I am sad", "I am confused", "I am feeling bad today", "I need a hug", or to tell you when something goes well, too. I think of it when I am feeling bad and cannot wait to stop in. I am glad that I found you here. I have no one else to turn to. This is exactly the place that I needed to find. Thank you!" ~a member

"Tomorrow I will be alone. I hope that I can stay busy and not get depressed over her. I feel ok though because I can come here and post and/or read some from the library of webBooks. It really is good to know that you all are here - that I have a place to go. Before finding this site, I had no place to go and no one to talk to. I appreciate finding this site. I appreciate your posts and support. Thanks for caring." ~a member

"I am so happy to have found this place to come and share, talk, read, and basically not feel so alone. You guys have been wonderful to talk to and I appreciate all of you being there. Your words and friendship mean so much to me. I have been very busy this week at work and have not been able to get here until now, but I have thought of this site, and this board and how good it feels to be here and to talk to you. Before finding this site, the loneliness and fear, and the feeling, at times, that I had no place to turn was dreadful." ~Trezures

"This place has been wonderful, there were times where I really felt like you guys really knew me, and it was such a wonderful experience to know that I wasn't alone. I had some rough times, but the advice, and kind words I received greatly helped." ~Isabella

"This site has been a godsend to me and has helped me through a very difficult period. I have learned so much from all of you. I have especially learned how many good, kind, caring people are out there - people who will offer so much support and friendship to complete strangers." ~Free At Last

"I found this site yesterday and have already gained so much from reading some of the information and posts. I was sure that somewhere on the internet there had to be a place to come when you needed to talk (not pickup people) and receive constructive comments from people who may have been through similar situations. This seems to be the place. " ~Linnie

"I'm new to this site, having stumbled upon it yesterday after stumbling upon Tigress Luv's web book while looking for internet material on relationship breakups. Like several other people have mentioned, I'm very impressed and appreciative of everyone on here, and the chance to express heartfelt feelings without being ridiculed or judged. Ordinarily, I keep most things to myself, but it really does help to get feedback from others who are going -- or who have gone -- through the same thing. In fact, I was taken back as I read the posts here how many other people are suffering through emotional upheavals because of broken relationships."
- Dave

Dear Tigress Thank you for setting this wonderful community I must say I am amazed and have learnt so much in regards to letting go of the past and living now. The people here are fantastic and reading others stories and the similarities are freaky but the outcomes seem the same, the advise members give are great and to have an input is great too, I have had a difficult time myself and have managed to get through. I so wished I knew about this site before as the pain of getting through would have been shared and so less hurtful.

Thank you again, your books have been inspirational and helped me enormously, made me think of the situation I have let myself get into and how to get out and let go.

I am on the site and helping others where I can. regards Znino

"hi Tigress,

I'm a boy from Spain, my english is bad but I'll try to write it fine. I'm 29 years old. I bought your ebook about get my girlfriend back. I think I loss her forever because I cut every possible contact with her (my friends, internet connections, my hobbies...) about 7 weeks. She tried contact me the two firsts weeks, but I avoid her attempts of contact. Then she desisted and then I buy your ebook.

Thanks you. I learned the real cause why she dumped me! I really love that girl but I think that I should move forward because I think that she has move forward too.

but hey, I'm happy because I learned a lot from your ebook. I've read LOTS of them, but "how be the bastard that women love" was an eye opener! I was little resistant, I tried to be perfect. My nice guy was the number 4, the 'brother'. I have too a poor manliness. Now that I've read this, I'm gonna try an accidental contact with her going out by the places that we had in common. But I'm happy anyway.

Please, keep me informed about new ebooks that you could sell.

Thanks you again :)


"I can only say that your e books were the best help that I could have had during the most traumatic time I’ve ever had in my life. My boyfriend of 2 years decided to call off our relationship. I followed the tips in your books and after 8 weeks it was back on that was 2 months ago and we really are stronger than ever before. Everything that you said would happen did, his behaviour was like reading from your book. In terms of insight into my own personality and the way that I behave it was invaluable and I really won’t make those mistakes again, ever. So thank you , I would certainly recommend this to anyone going through difficult times, it was fantastic, it gave me a plan, which in turn gave me hope and got my life back on track at the same time. This got me through the first few weeks and is still helping me now. I read it over and over again, especially when I was low. He now does all of the things that he never used to do and I’m so less needy, I feel like all of the negative stuff that made me what I’d become have fallen away and I’m back to my real self again.


Thank you


"I know you may not be reading this, but this helped me so much and it worked and most of all helped me to realize that I had to let go and when I read this ebook I became peaceful and back to my self...Thank you and pray for good health


You are a talented writer! I have bought so many books with the hope of having some new understanding about myself and they all say the same stuff that you can't even remember once you put the book down. Not yours! Wow. What an effect your breakup book had on me. Kind of miraculous. You get to the meat of the matter, it was better than a one on one professional therapist session. Thank you for lifting my heart!

Rita M, Houston Texas"

"I had signed up for the book earlier but didn't read past the first couple pages. Now, having read most of the book,...

This is the most incredible, insightful book I've ever read. Really. Better than Mars/Venus. There is wisdom on every page. The description of Love and the description of Forgiveness are so well done. I'll be sending customers to buy your book. Signed, heartbroken"

"I want to thank you for your on-line materials. After 50 days my ex-girlfriend of two years came back in tears. I used the techniques and maintained a strong faith in God that we could be together. I was prepared to lose her forever if that's what it took. It's true that you cannot make someone love you and despite the horrible pain of losing her, I learned a great deal about myself and relationships in general by reading your book. I am a better boyfriend and she is a better girlfriend. I guess that despite the break-up pain, IT HAD TO HAPPEN to make things better for the future. I am so very happy with the outcome and I want to congratulate you on the excellence of your book and the truths it reveals. Thanks again, Mike"

"I have read a couple of your ebooks a few years ago and found myself in need of your guidance once again--your knowledge worked for me about 6 years ago and I know if I put my mind to it and put myself first once again I can accomplish anything. You are truly inspirational and so I thank you once again as I turned to your ebooks for the push and dedication I need in order to see things from the perspective I keep blinding myself too :)

Best Wishes:


"Thank you so much for that. I am actually reading the "Counterfeit Heart" book now. You have NO idea how precisely my now ex of 12 years fits this mould. For the first time I feel like I'm not losing the plot.. I am gob smacked how accurate it is ++

Anyway, thanks again for this.. Life or should I say - sanity - saving.


"Thank you and what an amazing book read it all today!! had me crying my eyes out in the first chapter, tears of grief but also great joy because I have finally worked out what has been holding me back and making me hold on to a failed realtionship. I have a fair bit of work to do on myself but this is the start i've been searching for and not been able to find. Freedom at last! Yay!!

Thanks, Jo"

"This has been extremely helpful to me. Keep up the good work. Thanks Len."

"My sweetie and I thank you! ~JC"

"Pat, I'd like to thank you and Ms Tigress for all the help given through your excellent forum. It's indeed been lifechanging! I wish you both all the very very best. Thankyou again for everything,


"I cannot believe what I'm reading. You are right on with EVERYTHING. I feel good knowing someone else hurt(s) the way I do and that I'm not crazy, and that life will go on and get better.

I happen to be a gay man, and those breakups tend to be especially tough.


"Hi There MsTigress, I am a man of 61 years old and have gone most of my life with being a Mr. Nice Guy towards women. I have your books on Being the Bastard and also Breaking Free from there spell. Never have I read such truthful straight forward truths about men and women. I really appreciate what you revealed about women and what there REAL motives and wants are. Even at my age I'm looking forward to get more in touch with my male DNA. I just want to say thank You and I really, really, appreciate your truthful writings.


"Hi, thankyou I received the ebook, already reading away on the narcissist one. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not alone. What a relief to find out I normal, and he's the idiot......


"Thank you for telling the truth about being a man in an environment today's that is saturated with toxic gender blending social "norms". Your e-book serves a wakeup call to every man who has every subscribed to crazy bullshit ass ideologies of The Feminist Moment, Dr. Phil, Self - Help books and others who use covert and overt tactics to feminize every red blooded masculine man western society into becoming a sexually "non-threatening" nice guy. You are the real deal Tigress!

Thank you,


"Please thank Tigress Luv for writing a book that was truly one of the most honest and helpful books in helping me to let go of the pain associated with a breakup from someone I truly loved (or thought I loved). No psychobabble. No miracles. No therapy. Reality check. I hope Tigess is still writing currently.

Tom C"

"I read the book and it helped in so many different ways.. thank you. we are back together and working on things. Thank you for your help. Terri"

"I just got done reading your book about why women love bastards. I know that you are 100% accurate on this, I just lost a girl because she lost her attraction to me and I'm certain that it was because of many of the things that I did that you mention in the book. I didn't even realize that i was doing them at the time and wish now I could change that because she is a great catch. Chad"

"I have to say that the name 'Tigress Luv', initially, to a 'stiff upper lip' Brit, sounded a bit offputting, but when I started to read the stuff about relationship break ups, having just suffered a second break up with a man I still love dearly, the 'How to Stop Your Breakup', hit the right note. I joined and have been reading the ebook, and I am gobsmacked, for want of a better word. Tigress could of course, have been writing about me personally, and I am reading the book, finding myself nodding at every comment, and every page. I have committed all of the 'faux pas' Tigress outlines, and can totally, absolutely see the rationale behind her innate logic and common sense.

Whether my relationship repairs or not, I am already feeling better having read the book. If I only downloaded and read this one book, I would feel it is worth the price of the gold membership. I hope to find time to join in on some of the forums, but am a very busy professional in the (note: industry purposely removed to ensure privacy) world, at the top of my profession, maybe, internationally known, but at the bottom of the heap when it comes to successful relationships.

Thank you Tigress, for your wisdom, humour, and for inspiring hope. I will recommend this site to any friends in future, who suffer the same problems in relationships."

"Miss Tigress, I would like to send a testimonial for you.

Since I completed reading your book about How to Get over a break-up I realized a lot of things:
-I missed a lot of things in my life, good ones especially! Because I was too busy thinking about my ex-boyfriend and how he is or what he does. I find it crazy but I was addicted to the thought of always thinking of him that it consumed me and the way I look at myself.
-I wasted a lot of energy, money, time for a person who is not mine. But now I am happy and contented with a lot of things I used to not enjoy before.
-I love myself more and take care of me more. I am now thinking of myself first and I learned how Apathy worked for me. You're right, it's very powerful! I call it PowerTool! By the way your techniques are not only applicable to relationships, dating but also in the career. It made become more patient, more logical and my thoughts and my mouth don't get dirty anymore..
-I realized I have friends and family who are there that I neglected before.
-If you make a person as the center of your life, you'll fail...that's absolutely true!

I learned a lot from you Tigress! and I love the support of the brokenheartsville! I will never forget how worried, sad, depressed I was at the first few months but now I am completely happy. It took me 3 months by the way to read all the books and ready myself and got support from the community and cried in front of PC and so on. Now I am laughing! And it took me another 3 months to finally over with the last stages of grief! And now I am concluding, if i get a man fine! if not fine!

Thank you Tigress and more power!" chinky_eyes

"Hi, Thank you for your website, it has helped me a lot from being recently 'dumped'.


"Thank you. I really enjoy the insight your books provide. Keep up the good work and wishing you much success.


"hey tigress, please keep doing what you're doing--the materials REALLY do help (big time). god bless and take care,


"After nearly a year with a CP male, believing I was insane or worse, I found your site. What a goddess send!! A switch flipped and it all made perfect sense. I'm done crying over some man with issues. Apathy is my new mantra - and it's not just on the surface. Thank you!

Thanks, Penny"

"this is by far the best info I've read on dealing with my CP. Thank you!



Tigress. You and your ebooks have helped me more than you can ever know. I would be lost without this site.

This place is the place to be for support and love

This place has help me more than you will ever know!!!!

So many times what I was able to say here I would have kept inside!!!!

The advice is excellent..........and i think that it is so neat that if you are having a bad night and can't sleep you can just about be assured that there will be someone...somewhere that can be there for you.

I find it so amazing that even through the keys of the board you can feel the pain and the love and support.

I seriously do not know where i would be had I not been lead to this community!!!

I feel like we are family!!!

So thank you Tig for birthing this place have allowed change to come in so many lives.

I just wanted to say thank you for this website and the wonderful books that are within it. The information and knowledge that is in these books should be learned by everyone. Thanks for all the love and support that the site offer

You will have available in this community the support and strength that you need to remove yourself from this unhealthy "dance". There is a huge amount of wisdom here. Make yourself available to it, come here when you are sad, lonely or angry and I promise you will find what you need. We welcome you here.

You will get lots of varying responses which really helps because you can look at things from many perspectives.

Your pain is uniquely yours and everyone else's pain is their own. You're entitled to your feelings whatever they may be. Share away...that's what our community is for.

We are here for each other and it's a safe place to vent all the things that we feel and have done (even the things that we are not so proud of – I know I have).

Everyone on these boards have been a massive help to me and many others.

This website has literally changed me- thank you so much and please thank anyone else you're in contact with for such an incredibly loving place to go during a rough time!

You ask for love and look what you got a whole community that just "loves you to pieces".

This is a fantastic site, I am doing very well, have bounced back and dating a special person.

Many thanks for your material. We did not get back together but within an hour of starting to read your stuff I stopped feeling so damned wretched about things. And now I am seeing someone new, something I doubt would have happened without your web site.

I will have absolutely no hesitation in recommending your site to anyone who is suffering through a breakup and I wish you continued success.

I am confident that the healthiness of this community depends on people's confidence in expressing their feelings about life, about the own situations and about each others. No one is here to be some gate-keeper to keep positive emotions in and negative emotions out, and if it were so it would be something weirder than a cult.

I'm glad there's the courage shared here between many of us to say how the view looks from where each of us is stood: long may it continue.

Thank you for your words of encouragement and comfort...they mean so much.

Strange this is ...but as I finished reading the post from Coach I began to cry...haven't all the tears flowed it was as if I could feel you circle around me... strange.. but it was such a feeling of safety and comfort. Thank you again my dear friends for your time and strength...I will get through this..I will and I will be better for it.

Wishing you each the best of life!!

I considered it a blessing to be in a community of such amazing people.

This place is filled with such wisdom, care and love. We may not always agree but we don't have to...we are all so different and each bring something different to the table....what a blessing!!!!! Many of you do not know how uplifting it is to watch you grow and work thru your pain and what beauty has come from it. I pray that each of you find the love of your life and the joy of life in the world we are so privileged to live in. Again thank you all for your support.

This absolutely is a safe place for those of you who really need it. I know that I certainly did at one point and everyone here was fantastic. It's a beautiful community with loads to offer anyone at ANY stage of healing.

Hello tigress, i am honored to receive a reply from the GURU of RELATIONSHIPS, You and your site has been a God Send to me!

When I get on this site and feel the love and warmth and concern that you and all the others impart, I become overwhelmed and spend half of my time in tears because of the goodness I feel coming from all of you. I almost cannot believe it, it moves me..It has restored a lot of my faith in humanity, I now know that there are people who love and feel compassion and concern for another...I have not felt that in a long time, all of you ARE doing the work of GOD.

Thank you for loving me!

You've found a very compassionate and amazing community here and we learn from each other and offer each other tremendous support. We do have our dysfunctional moments, but they are few and far between...but by and large we are really a family and some of us have even met (and stay in touch off the boards) in real life. There's always something going on here, so keep your eyes peeled on ALL the forums and maybe something will be happening in your area!

This is a great place to start your journey and we'll stay in step with you as you go through it.

You are so right about this compassionate and amazing community...All of you have helped me tremendously...The knowledge and wisdom shared in this community has become a foundation that I will plant my feet in and hang on

Hi and WELCOME!! You've found a great place to pour out your heart, and to learn. I know you're hurting right now, but I promise...if you stick with will get better.

Hi and Welcome to Lifted are not here by accident! This is a loving and giving safe place for you to explore who you are!

Again,...sorry for the reason that brought you here, but so glad you are here. A heart break brought me here and this place gave me the tools I needed to make changes in my life. I will never regret that love and break-up because of what it taught me about me and pointed me to Lifted Hearts.

You are in the right place, and you can post and spill your guts every day and the GREAT people on this board will support you every step of the way !

I echo what people have said. This site is a great place to vent, and get the advice and support that you need while you are determining what direction you are going in.

Your website gave me such comfort. I hope I will never have to come back again, but I will surely be there if needed. I will be sure to send my heartbroken friends to this site.

Your website was wonderful for me when I was going through my heartache. I am feeling better now..

God Bless. It is a wonderful thing you are doing.

"I am more and more astonished by this book by Tigress. It has helped me more than a dozen counselling sessions, and I cant believe how much more positive and accepting of my situation it has made me, just by reading it. I haven't even got round to reading any of her other books yet, this one has been all the help I need, for the time being.

Has Tigress never thought of publishing it in hard copy? I am also an author in the (deleted to protect privacy) world, of a best selling book, which the publishers have made a mint out of, and me, bugger all! So I am currently writing my second book and will self publish this time, probably in (deleted to protect privacy), as amazon and other distributors will take it, no question.

Tigress's book 'How to Stop Your Breakup', would I am certain, be a huge bestseller if sold through booksellers. It is a book that would help many thousands, survive breakup, even if they didn't get their partner back, it sure as hell prepares you to move on. It was the title that attracted me, in my desperation to try to get my partner back. There must be thousands in the same situation, and maybe that relationship was never, is never, going to be right for them.

By just giving the reader the hope that they might be able to retrieve the relationship, gets him or her feeling more positive from the first chapter! But then, reading on, it also alerts the reader to some facts that put the relationship into perspective, maybe not always the perspective that we want to hear, but it forces the reader, in a gentle, but no nonsense way, to face up to facts that I for one, had been trying to bury. This has prepared me to accept that I may never get the relationship back, but would I really have wanted it, in the way it was? Unless it changed drastically, no, I wouldn't, and if it doesn't happen, despite the fact I still love my ex, it has prepared me to move on and realise that I was on my own before, and I can do it again.

I urge Tigress to publish this book for the masses- it is SO invaluable. I have read a stack of 'self help' books in the last few weeks, and nothing has helped me like 'How to Stop Your Break-up'.

All the best,



Two Keys to Surviving a Breakup: Resources and Support

">Relationships are easy to enter, hard to maintain, and painful to leave. The first blush of interest and attraction fuels the passion that ultimately leads to commitment. In the midst of a relationship, all sorts of things can go wrong, from the failure to communicate or taking the other person for granted, to infidelity or abuse. The breakup is heart wrenching for both people, regardless of who initiated the break up and even when there is good reason to split. That's why, whether you're on the verge of breaking up, in the throes of separation, or recovering from heartbreak, it's important to spend the time necessary to heal. The best thing you can do to help this process along involves finding the right support and resources.

Books are Wonderful Resources

Whether your goal is to mend a broken heart, win an ex back and get back together, or to simply move on with your life, you can be sure that others have traveled the same path. Because a breakup can make you feel lost, it's extremely helpful to rely on the advice and experiences of others to put you on the path to healing.

For example, if your boyfriend (or girlfriend) left you - and played the blame game in the process - it's natural to feel unlovable and at fault. Yet, if you look at the situation from the perspective that he or she left because of his or her own dysfunctional psychological issues, you can more clearly see that it's really not about you, and you can more freely move on with your life.

On the other hand, perhaps you contributed to the break up of the relationship. Perhaps you didn't express your appreciation and gratitude often enough, or maybe you didn't give your relationship the priority it deserved. It could be that, instead of tending to your relationship garden, both of you were busy doing other things while the weeds took over. If your heart tells you that your relationship is worth fighting for (not fighting over!), a book can help you navigate the waters of getting back together.

Support is Essential

Few breakups happen overnight, so getting the support you need throughout the process is essential. When it comes to breaking up, help yourself by expressing your feelings and reaching out to others. Writing about your feelings, asking others to listen to you vent, seeking out advice, and reading about the experiences of others are all tools that can help you mourn your loss, regain your sense of self, and move on with your life.

Online Support and Resources

A breakup is one of life's most momentous events, but the people who are closest to you are often not very objective. After all, they may have their own agendas in pushing you toward one course of action or away from another, or perhaps they care too much to cause you any further pain.

When you go online, though, you can find sites that provide both a wealth of downloadable books and support-oriented discussion boards. Instant access to books can be a lifesaver, and discussing your situation and reading about those of others can give you the one-day-at-a-time approach that will see you though every stage of the breakup process. The best sites even have breakup blogs, where you can journal your thoughts and feelings, and can read others' stories.

A breakup is extremely difficult, but you don't have to go it alone. Whether your goal is to mend a broken heart or get back together, find the online support and resources you need.

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