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How To STOP Your Breakup - a guide for the rest of us! - The complete system on how to STOP your breakup!

How To Get Over a Breakup - How to mend a broken heart and recover from a breakup. You can feel better TODAY!

Why Women Dump Men - Forget what she told you, find out the real reason why you were dumped.

101Tips: The Insider's Secret on How to Become a Man Magnet - How to make a man fall in love with you!

Loving a Commitment Phobic Person: Dream Chasers, The CommitmentPhobe Addiction - For those who are in love with a commitmentphobic person.

Why Women Cheat - Find out the real reason why women cheat.

From Commitment Phobe to "I Do"! - Getting the 'non-committer' to commit.

Why Women Love Bastards!
A man's guide to holding is own POWER in his relationships, with women, and in his life!

Get Your Boyfriend Back
How to win his heart back

How to Win Back Your Ex Girlfriend
How to win her heart back and keep her hopelessly attached to you

How to Win Back Their Attraction
Did your partner lose their attraction to you, or do you feel less attractive? Here's how to win back their attraction!

What to Do When They Lose Their Attraction to You
What can you do and how should you behave when your partner loses their attraction to you? Find out in this ebook. 

And the Frog Shit on the Princess (for women only!)
A satirical look at break ups and at the opposite sex.: A Comical Look at your Ex!

Exes are from Uranus (for men only!)
A satirical look at break ups and at the opposite sex. A Comical Look at Your Ex!

Hello, Casanova!
A man's guide to romance and loving women!

Although the book, BreakupScopes isn't finished yet, enjoy this individual books from it

A Bastard's Guide to Dating
A Real Man's Guide to Dating, by Shyanne Neiman (
Warning: This ebook contains crude and graphic language.)

Cunnilingus Academy
Curl her toes with these cunnilingus tips and techniques!

The Hand Job & Fellatio Report
Curl his toes with these fellatio tips and techniques!

For GLBT relationships we offer the guide How to Have a Successful Same-Sex Relationship

The Big webBook of Breakup Poems: One - The first part of our breakup poems.

The Big webBook of Breakup Poems: Two - The second part of our sad love poems.

Can You Remain Friends With the Ex? Should You..? - A mini webBooklet on friendship after splitsville.

Looking For One Good Man? - Why Women Don't Date 'Nice Guys' - A mini webBooklet about 'Nice Guys'.

Why Men Bail Out After the 'Big Confession' (I Love You) - A mini webBooklet about why men won't commit.

Breakup Quotes - A collection of quotes about sad love.

Our AWESOME Support Community Message Boards  - Our compassionate support forums where our members have made thousands of posts on such boards as:

  • Lifted Hearts - Breakup Survival Support: When Love Ends it is difficult to remember that endings are ALWAYS opportunities to begin anew. Wondrous moments lie ahead. Trust and have faith that everything will work out. Trust me, it will!
  • How to STOP a Breakup - Saving Our Relationships and Stopping Our Breakups Support: If your relationship was meant to be, wouldn't it? Or is it that sometimes things just 'go wrong' and a simple 'fix' is all that is needed. Talk about it here, and get support and feedback from others.
  • Dream Chasers - Support for Those Involved with a Commitmentphobe: Commitmentphobia damages relationships. Discuss commitmentphobia and gain support and understanding from others who have been there.
  • Becoming a Man Magnet: Support for Women: Come on, men and women, give the gals a low down on how to please the guys. Men, let the women know what you want. Women, let others in on some useful tips for making their man happy and forever in love.
  • Why Women Dump Men: Come on, women and men, give the guys a low down on how to please the gals. Women, let the men know what you want. Men, let others in on some useful tips for making their woman happy and forever in love.
  • Why People Cheat: Infidelity Support Board: For victims of infidelity. Talk about it and get encouragements here.
  • Sad Love Poems: Post your favorite poems here, or add your own poetry and verse.
  • Broken Heart Resources: Do you have a book, movie, song, or other recommendation that has helped you? Post it here and share the support!
  • Polls Galore!: Feel free to create your own poll, or to take other's!

Breakup Quotes - A collection of quotes about sad love.

Our AWESOME Support Community Message Boards  - Our compassionate support forums where our members have made thousands of posts

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